Postcode Puzzles
Personalised puzzles of your very own locale!


Jigsaw enthusiasts are usually thought of in the same context as trainspotters, macramé buffs and avid viewers of Time Team.

But perhaps that's because most of us associate jigsaw puzzles with naff images of cutesy kittens, fantasy vistas, dull tourist attractions and twee thatched cottages from an era that never was.


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Postcode Puzzles
Postcode Puzzles

The point being, it's invariably the subject of the jigsaw that lets it down, not the puzzle itself. For this very reason, your genre-reinventing friends here at Firebox are proud to unveil what we believe to be the next generation of jigsaws.

Postcode Puzzles are unique, 255 or 400 piece map jigsaws centred on a place of YOUR choice. Simply give us the full postcode of the property you'd like at the centre of your puzzle - be it your own humble abode or a friend or relative's pad - and leave the rest to us.

Postcode Puzzles

Before you can say "SW2 4RT" we'll send you an utterly absorbing, totally personalised map-based puzzle that will not only test, but also increase your local geographical knowledge. Which can only be a good thing if you're one of those people who have difficulty finding their way home when in an advanced state of refreshment.

All pieces are crafted in high-quality 1.5mm millboard - meaning they'll fit together beautifully like, well, like a jigsaw. The centre piece is even in the shape of a house. What's more, each complete 255 piece puzzle measures a coffee table friendly 35.6cm x 27.1cm (400 piece 47.2cm x 31.2cm )so you won't have to clear away the furniture for floor - based assembly.


Postcode Puzzles are guaranteed to give you a whole new grasp of your local surroundings and provide you with hours of maptastic entertainment. Just remember, we know where you live. Sort of.

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Please note: This product is manufactured to your personal specification and so delivery will usually take around 14 working days.